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incomplete version of Word program

Where are the Endnotes. Word program without an Endnote is a waste of time and money. Thank you, and I want my money back!!

Small app, but usefull

It is stored in small size to help save hard disk and easy to export to many different file formats, The most important feature is that it allows users to change color of background and customize the text style.


The "headers and footers do not work- at all! When I tried to contact the company to ask for guidance I couldnt get through because all the correspondence is written in chinese. I am BEYOND frustrated!


The UI on this app is great but it is unreliable when it comes to saving work and crashing. There is a permissions problem that pops up claiming the document can’t be saved. It also crashes regularly. If these issues were fixed I’d give it 5 stars.

Crazy Substitution-Mini for WW Pro

There is no support because the referral is to a Chinese language Facebook page. I had used Word for years and wanted to try WWPro- as it appeared in the App Store. What loaded was Mini Word Writer. It is unbelievably awkward. Any relation to Word is semantic- not actual. It did write a really great business letter- I could fool with and maneuver the controls to achieve a great looking product. It doesn’t do envelopes- since my handwriting and sense of order require a “Typed” look overall- I am stymied by the inability to complete a straightforward task! I feel that this was “bait and switch”. After loading it, I had to print some other items and noted that the program had taken over the whole iMac. I believe there may be language or cultural differences between the product description and “American “users. I would love to have a product that mimics the ease of the Microsoft Word- if only because I wouldn’t have so much to learn. I wish the developer well and hope for the future, but may have to letter write and do other word processing on a PC. What I find is odd- there is no need to reinvent the wheel- all those features have existed for a long time. Maybe recoding would not be too difficult. Anyway, the price was miniscule.

Mini-Word Writer??

Sounds different from the product name, eh? Fine. It may be all I need. But Mini is a lot different than Pro.

dont need it

how can i de-activate this. i dont want it anymore. please help!

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